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Below you will find a brief description of the fish species we like to target, bag limits and their peak times to fish.

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King (Chinook)

King (Chinook): These are the granddaddies of salmon and one of the most prized catches. The largest of the Pacific wild salmon, kings are valued for their rich flavor and firm texture as well as their massive size. Due to Several Years of low returns of King Salmon to the Stikine River, Regulations have cut the opportunities for King Salmon. The Latest State Regulations for this area are 1 King salmon per day with 3 per year for Non-Residents. King Salmon Fishing will open June 15th and are available thru August.

Silver (Coho)

Silver (Coho): Silver salmon are another favored wild salmon. Aggressive and fast, these smaller fish (averaging 10 pounds) congregate at the mouths of rivers to wait for appropriate weather or high tide. They are popular with sport fishermen, and their meat is also prized. Silver salmon’s flesh is more orange than red, and it has a mild flavor, peak silver fishing opportunities run August 15th thru Mid-September. Daily bag limit is six fish with no annual limit.


AREA 2C (South East Alaska)
One fish daily bag limit
Reverse slot limit of 40” and under or Over 80”

While these regulations may seem very restricted, and easy to get caught up in the politics of restrictions or the changes affecting our halibut fishery, it is our greatest hope that these restrictions and regulations are positive on the future of the resource and the economy of Alaska.

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